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Michael Bradburn April 03, 2018

Life Settlements in a Familiar Context

#8 - Senior Life Settlement Anatomy 101

There is a reason the cliché, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks” exists. For many, the task of keeping up with the rigor of daily life is quite...

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Michael Bradburn February 16, 2018

The Senior Life Settlement Story

A leader in the Senior Life Settlement market, Capstone Capital Consulting specializes in making hard, easy when it comes to participating in this asset class.  In an effort to build more...

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Michael Bradburn February 09, 2018

To Err is Human...

But to Really Mess Things Up...You Need a Computer...Or a Robot

Billionaire investor, Leon Cooperman, was but one voice in a cacophony of opinions that flooded the financial media this week. In...

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Michael Bradburn February 08, 2018

The Capstone Capital Consulting Story: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: It's Not the Years in Your Life...But the Life in Your Years that Count

On the ride out to see our client, John and I negotiated the outcome of our impending presentation amongst...

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Michael Bradburn February 06, 2018

Is a Life Settlement the Right Choice for Your Client?

#7 - Senior Life Settlement Anatomy 101

Many retirees may have been compelled to abandon the comfort of a conservative asset allocation over the last decade. Anemic fixed income markets have made...

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